The definition of an Ann is the wife of a Rotarian of a Rotary Club. Widows of former Rotarians may remain on as full members of the Club. Should a Rotarian cease to be a member for any reason, the membership of his Ann shall automatically terminate. However, at the discretion of the Committee she may be invited to stay on. Ladies who have had no connection with Rotary as mentioned above and who would like to become involved with community service, may be invited to become honorary members by agreement.

Since ladies were allowed to become Rotarians it was decided to call the clubs Anns/Partners Clubs to accommodate any male spouses who wish to become involved.

Ann & Rtn Henry ('Bru') Brunnier

This name for the wives (now partners) of Rotarians started back in 1914. A special train ran from San Francisco to Houston, Texas for the R. I. Convention there. Ann Brunnier, wife of Rotarian "Bru" Brunnier, was the only lady aboard the train and soon they started calling her "Rotary Ann" and the name began to be applied to all wives/partners of Rotarians.

Our Rotary Anns